Our Learning Philosophy

The Treehouse Academy was founded on certain core beliefs:

1) Learning should be joyful.

2) Children deserve an individualized education, where their unique strengths and talents are celebrated.

3) Children who are leaders in the classroom develop the skills and qualities to become leaders in life.

4) Children who struggle early and often find within themselves the courage and strength to grow.

5) Hands-on learning through projects, art, music, and movement is the best way to promote life-long learning.

6) Outdoor education provides invaluable experiences for children and enhances classroom learning.


Students at The Treehouse Academy challenge themselves to achieve excellence by setting and accomplishing daily goals. Through struggle and failure, they learn perseverance and grit.


Rather than traditional teachers, adults at The Treehouse Academy are called guides. Students experience freedom within guardrails, showing that they can be responsible leaders at school and in the world.


Through the careful study of heroes from both past and present, students engage in meaningful character development education. Exploration Fridays allow students to develop these qualities while exploring nature.

& Autonomy

At The Treehouse Academy, students have the freedom to study core skills entirely at their own pace. No more waiting for the rest of the class or taking a test before they're ready!


Daily Socratic discussions encourage critical thinking and public speaking skills. Rather than answering questions directly, guides point students to where they can find answers to their own questions.

Here are some resources to dig a little deeper into our learning methods at The Treehouse Academy.

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